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The Personal Injuries Assessment Board (PIAB) has published its data on the number of claims, type of claim and level of suggested awards made in personal injury claims lodged with PIAB in 2019. PIAB is the State body that assesses damages in non-liability personal injury claims arising from road traffic collisions, slips, trips and falls, accident at work and accidents in public places. PIAB considers the available medical evidence and assesses the injuries of claimants. It then suggests what it feels is a suitable award of damages (PIAB Assessment) which suggested award is open to either party to accept or reject. The statistics firstly reveal the following:
  • Motor accidents account for 70% of claims submitted to PIAB;
  • Public liability accidents account for 17% of claims;
  • Employer liability claims account for 13%.
The statistics also reveal that the average award in 2019 was €23,861:
  • Motor accidents – €22,186
  • Public liability – €29,859
  • Employer liability – €26,189
In deciding on the level of award it should make, PIAB relies on the Book of Quantum which is a set of guidelines that lists and assigns values for specific injuries graded according to the severity of the injury, expected length of time it may take to recover and other factors. PIAB considers the available medical evidence and delivers an assessment of damages which is a suggested compensation figure which either party may accept or reject. For further information, visit http://PIAB.ie

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