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In Ireland, more than 30,000 material damage collisions occur each year (i.e. accidents which result in vehicle damage without injury). However, many people are not familiar with the vehicle damage claims process or the extent of the recoverable losses. If you have suffered financial loss arising from a material damage collision caused by a third party it is important to obtain legal advice to ensure your interests are fully protected.

What We Do

We are a specialist law firm with particular expertise in motor accident claims. Our motor claims service is aimed at taking the stress out of dealing with the aftermath of a road traffic accident. We deal directly with third party insurers on your behalf with a view to ensuring that you receive full and fair compensation for the financial loss suffered, quickly and effectively.

As part of our service we can arrange:

  • Recovery and storage of your damaged vehicle.
  • Temporary replacement car or hire car, if necessary.
  • Our motor assessor to examine your vehicle and quantify the damage.
  • Assist in arranging vehicle damage repairs.
  • The salvage and disposal of ‘written off’ vehicles.

Recoverable Losses

So what are you entitled to recover?

In terms of what can be claimed, if it can be established that the third party caused the accident or liability is admitted then you may be entitled to recover the following:

  • Cost of repairs: once repair costs have been agreed with our motor assessor and your repairer we will look to ensure you receive the full cost of repairs
  • Car hire: if you have not had the benefit of your vehicle following the accident we will look to recover the cost of reasonable car hire or a sum for loss of use
  • Depreciation: it may be possible to recover a sum for depreciation depending on the age of your vehicle
  • Pre-accident value: if the damage is such that your vehicle is considered beyond economic repair and therefore a ‘write off’ for insurance purposes, we look to ensure you receive the appropriate pre-accident value of the vehicle (less any sum for salvage)
  • Towing and storage: if it was necessary to have your vehicle towed to a garage or stored for a period of time, we look to recover the reasonable costs involved
  • Property damage: if personal property in the vehicle is damaged due to the accident, such as a car seat for example, we look to ensure you are adequately compensated for the relevant loss

Note: We act solely for private clients and do not act for insurance companies allowing us to focus exclusively on achieving the best possible outcome for you.

If you wish to discuss a potential claim or would like advice on any matter, please Contact Us for a consultation.

*in contentious business a solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award of damages.

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