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A Will is a document that sets out how you wish your possessions to be distributed after your death and who will look after distributing those possessions. The best way to make sure your possessions are distributed in accordance with your wishes is to make a Will.

If you die without a Will, your possessions will then be distributed according to the law. We know that it is very hard to make your first Will, but you will find that it is a great relief and peace of mind knowing that your loved ones have been provided for.

Making a Will does not take a long time and you owe it to yourself and those close to you to have your affairs in order. For further information on making a Will simply click on one of the related links on the left of this page or download your free Guide to Making your Will.


The death of a loved one, relative or friend can be a very difficult time and we always aim to alleviate where possible as much stress when administering an estate. Most people will never have been involved with administrating an ‘estate’ previously and it can seem to be a stressful and sometimes confusing time, particular with the use of legal terms and procedures. While no two estates are the same, we hope that the information on our website will give you an idea of the steps that have to be taken and help you through the process.

You will find, throughout this website, information on what to do if you are  an executor or administrator of an estate. To the left of this page are links with further information in respect of the most common types of probate applications and information about inheritance tax and the various reliefs you may be entitled to.

As specialist solicitors in Wills and Probate we have the expertise to advise you in any aspect of your family, relative or a friend’s estate. We have made every effort to provide accurate information in this website, but the law and tax law is always changing and affects each person differently.

This information is no substitute for specific advice about you personally, and if you would like to discuss any matter in confidence please Contact Us to arrange a convenient appointment.

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